Tips for Moving Day: Loading and Unloading Your Storage Unit

Tips for Moving Day: Loading and Unloading Your Storage Unit in Middletown, NY

Moving day can be an exciting yet overwhelming time for you and your family or employees. Whether you are downsizing, decluttering, or utilizing a storage facility for your overstock inventory items, proper planning and organization can help eliminate the stress of the day. In this article, we provide tips on making the most of your storage unit on moving day and beyond.

Choosing a Storage Unit

Choosing the right unit will be crucial to not overfilling or overpaying for the rented space. Consider storage features like cathedral ceilings, climate-controlled, and drive-through units to ensure it's the right choice for your items. At All Seasons Self Storage, we have a variety of sizes and features to choose from. 


Once you have determined the items for storage and the facility that you will be renting from, organizing your items on the moving truck can help streamline the moving process. If you have some items going to your new residence or commercial property, consider separating these items to simplify the loading and unloading at both locations. 

Packing Materials

To ensure the safety of your belongings, it will be important to pack them properly. Using bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and packing paper can help keep your items secure during transportation and while in storage.

Box Labeling

When moving to a new home or packing items for long-term or short-term storage, it can be hard to remember how you packed or what items could be where. By taking the time to properly label your boxes, you can save time by knowing exactly what you are looking for is located and can eliminate damage to sensitive items.

Maximize Space

If you are renting storage for a short time or a long time, consider using furniture with drawers or shelves to maximize the unit space. For other furniture items, disassembling them might be a better option. Stacking boxes, with the heavier ones on the bottom, can give you more useable space too.


As you are loading your storage unit, consider creating a pathway or a row to ensure that you can access all the items with ease. Be sure to load heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top to eliminate the chance of damage.


Moving day is stressful enough, when you tackle the day with an organized plan, you can spend more time unpacking at your new home or office and make the process more manageable and efficient. While labeling is an essential part to the ease of accessing your items later, creating a list of items that you have stored will help you to remember those items without having to go to the facility.

By planning ahead, organizing your moving truck and storage facility, can streamline your moving and storage efforts and make it a more manageable process. Don't tackle moving day alone, give the team at All Seasons Self Storage a call and let us help keep your items safe and accessible with our secure and spacious storage units. We are located in Middletown, NY and provide our services to residential and business customers throughout the Orange County, NY area.

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