Storing Vehicles for the Long Haul

 Tips and Tricks from Storage Experts

Storing Vehicles for the Long Haul: Tips and Tricks from Storage Experts in Middletown, NY

Storing a vehicle, like a car, RV, or motorcycle, requires more than just renting storage and parking it in Middletown, NY. To ensure your vehicle stays in optimal condition, it will be crucial to implement proper storage techniques. In this article, the team at All Seasons Self Storage review strategies that will help preserve and protect your vehicle during its time in storage.


If you are storing a classic vehicle or one that is sensitive to the outdoor elements, renting a climate-controlled unit will be an important part to preservation. Extreme temperatures can cause battery degradation, tire damage, and fluid loss. To mitigate these risks, a climate-controlled unit is recommended. 


Here at All Season's Self Storage, we have drive-thru units available to simplify storing your vehicle. These units make it easy to access your vehicle and drive it in or out with ease. Interested in one of our drive-through units? Give us a call today, these go fast!

🚗Cleaning & Protecting

Elements like dirt, dust, or moisture, can cause cracking and fading both inside and outside of your car. By cleaning and applying a protectant seal can help protect your vehicle and prepare it for the long haul. 

🚗Fluid Check

Before storing your vehicle for the season, you should check your engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid to ensure they are at the correct levels. You can also consider using fuel stabilizers to prevent loss or corrosion in the fuel system. 

🚗Battery Care

A drained car battery is the most common issue when storing a vehicle for long periods of time. Disconnecting the battery or investing in a trickle charger can help you maintain a steady charge while it's being stored. To avoid permanent damage, be sure to check your battery often.

🚗Tire Maintenance

Storing a vehicle for a long period of time can lead to flat spots on your tires. This can lead to uneven wear and cause other potential damage. By inflating the tires to the manufacturers' recommended tire pressure and by frequently rotating the tires to prevent flat spots can preserve your tires and keep them safe from damage. 

🚗Pest Control

If you are storing a vehicle outside or even inside, pests have a way of finding their way into vehicles to nest in engines and chewing their way through wires and causing other damage. Regular inspections and preventative measures, like pest remediation, can eliminate pest infestations. 

🚗Regular Checks

By simply checking on your vehicle on a regular basis, you can ensure the preservation of your car and mitigate costly problems. Addressing issues immediately can prevent costly repairs after the storage season. 

When you consider the recommendations of our team at All Seasons Self Storage, you can feel confident that your vehicle will be ready to hit the road when it emerges from storage. For all your car, boat, and RV storage needs, give us a call in Middletown. Our storage facility is secure, affordable, and the cleanest in town!

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