Seasonal Storage Unit Hacks in Middletown NY

10 Seasonal Storage Unit Hacks 

Seasonal Storage Unit Hacks in Middletown NY

Imagine a place where you can store all of your seasonal items and keep them organized all year round. Here at All Seasons Self Storage in Middletown, NY, our storage units are known for cleanliness, affordability, and our security measures throughout the property. In this article, we've provided 10 tips on seasonal storage unit hacks to keep your unit organized and accessible. 

HACK #1: Organize by Season

When it comes to seasonal items, you will need to access these at different times of the year. From Christmas decorations to Valentine's and Easter, your items should be organized accordingly. If you want access to your items in a more seasonal way, separate by spring, summer, winter, and fall. This will make accessing them a breeze. 

Hack #2: Utilize Vertical Space

Not all items are convenient shapes or sizes. By utilizing the vertical space inside your storage unit can provide you valuable space without the need for a larger unit. When you rent a storage unit from All Seasons Self Storage in Middletown, NY, their units have cathedral ceilings, giving you even more added space. 

Hack #3: Climate-Control Considerations

Knowing what your seasonal items can handle of the Middletown, NY climate will be an essential part on choosing a climate-controlled unit or not. Items that are sensitive or have electrical components, should all be considered. If you aren't sure if your items need climate-control, you can always discuss your items with your local storage company, like All Seasons Self Storage, and they can help you decide.

Hack #4: Vacuum Sealing

If you are swapping seasonal clothing, blankets, or other fabric-type items, consider vacuum sealing to save even more space. This is not only a space-saver, it also helps to protect your items by being in a plastic bag and sealed. 

Hack #5: Inventory & Labeling

At All Seasons Self Storage, we recommend making an inventory list of the items in storage and a labeling system to ensure you know what items are in what boxes. By pre-planning this step in your storage organization can help you keep track of where your items are.

Hack #6: Packing Tips

No matter what season you are organizing your items for, it's important that you keep your boxes light, labeled, and organized. Be sure to keep your heavier boxes on the ground and stack your more fragile items or lighter boxes on top. This will keep your items secure and your boxes in order. 

Hack #7: Furniture Assessment

When it comes to furniture pieces and storage, this can be done in two ways. One, you can disassemble the furniture and allow for more space inside your storage unit. Or two, you can use the furniture as storage for other stored items. Either way, both options allow for your furniture to be stored easily and to your specific needs. 

Hack #8: Creating Aisles

Setting up your storage unit by rows will make accessing your items much easier. The aisles don't have to be big, just big enough to move through the space and access your items. This eliminates the need to move and restack items that may be stacked in the back.

Hack #9: Fragile Items

Careful consideration of artwork, heirlooms, and any other fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or any other protective material to ensure it's safety. This will help to minimize the risk of damage during its time in storage. 

Hack #10: Seasonal Check-Ups

Frequent visits to your storage unit will be important to monitoring the condition of the items you have stored. With regular check-ups, you can address pest issues or humidity problems and avoid any damages to your seasonal items. 

By taking the time to organize your items, label them, and with regular check-up's, you can utilize a storage unit as an extension of your home or your business. If you are located in or around the Middletown, NY area, give All Seasons Self Storage a call and let us show your around the cleanest and most spacious storage units in town. 

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