The Psychology of Clutter & A Residential Storage Unit

How Residential Storage Impacts Well-Being

The Psychology of Clutter & A Residential Storage Unit in Middletown, NY

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the clutter in your home? Did you know that it can have a psychological impact on your well-being? In this article, we review how organizing your home and partnering with the right storage company can help with your overall quality of living and give you the a sense of accomplishment and tranquility. 


A residential storage unit provides a safe and reliable place for you to store those items that are valuable and meaningful but not used everyday. By decluttering each room in your home creates organization and a sense of positivity with its visual appeal. 

Stress Reduction

When you are surrounded by clutter, this can cause an overwhelming feeling of stress caused by disorganization and clutter. Organization can help reduce stress and provide you a sense of calmness. 

Functionality Improvement

If your home is filled with seasonal items, tools, recreational items, or any other household item that you don't need or use daily, organizing your home can improve functionality throughout.


Renting a residential storage unit can not only help you organize your home but it can also be cost-effective to do so. As you organize your home and move those items to storage, if you know that your items will be stored for a year or more, let your local storage company know and you could receive discounted rates for longer contracts. 

Flexibility All-Year-Round

The ability to access your residential storage unit on your hours will be important to choosing the right storage company for your belongings. If you are looking for a storage company near the Middletown, NY area, give the team at All Seasons Self Storage a call with their 24-hour access and convenient drive-up and drive-through units. 

By decluttering your home and storing your household items in a storage unit, you can reduce your stress and improve your well-being all while giving your home more functionality. 

Located in or around Middletown, NY? Give the team at All Seasons Self Storage a call and let us make you part of our family-owned and operated storage company. Your belongings are always safe with us and accessible 24-hours a day.

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