The Complete Guide to Renting a Residential Storage Unit

 Renting a Residential Storage Unit in Middletown, NY

Complete Guide to Renting Residential Storage Unit in Middletown, NY

Whether you are looking to rent a residential storage unit to organize your space, store seasonal items, or while you are moving, there are several things to consider. In this article, we review tips on residential storage units and how to navigate the right solution for you and your belongings.

Item Assessment

First & foremost, you need to determine the items that are going to be stored. This will be crucial to not overpaying for your storage space and only renting what you need. If you plan to store furniture, be sure to use the furniture space to store other items as well. You can maximize your space this way. 

Facility Features

When choosing a storage company, pay attention to the property features that they offer. Consider things like 24-hour access, lighting, location, and climate-controlled units. Some items will require weather control so be sure you talk to your storage unit professional to make sure you rent the right storage for your residential items. 

Pricing & Contracts

Many facilities offer a wide variety of pricing and contract options. At some facilities, like All Seasons Self Storage, you can save when you secure a yearly contract. Be sure you understand the pricing structure, due dates, late fees, how to pay, etc. 

Preparing Your Belongings

Now that you've gathered your items and found your residential storage facility, it's time to prepare your belongings for storage. Start by creating an inventory list of the items that you are storing. Then be sure to pack your items properly.
  • Glass/Ceramic - If you have glass, ceramic, or delicate items, be sure to wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap to keep them secure and stable. 
  • Antiques/Artwork - These items will require a climate-controlled unit so be sure your storage facility can accommodate this and make sure they are wrapped properly to preserve them.
  • Furniture - Wrapping your furniture with a cloth can help protect it from items that you may be storing on top of it or from dirt or dust. 

Packing Your Unit

Once your items are packed properly, now it's time to pack your residential storage unit. By labeling your boxes, creating rows, and making good use of the vertical space, you can maximize your storage unit and leave it accessible. 

Regular Checks

Make it a habit to check in on your storage items periodically throughout the year. If you use your unit to store seasonal items, swap wardrobes, or store business inventory, regular checks can help identify mold or pest problems before your items are damaged. 

If you live or work in Middletown, NY, the team at All Seasons Self Storage is here to answer all your residential storage unit questions and provide you top quality service every single time. You can rely on our facility to be secure, clean, and affordable. Give us a call and reserve your residential storage unit today. 

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