Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Storage

 FAQ: Self-Storage

FQA About Self Storage in Middletown, NY

On average, about 40% of Americans rent self-storage yearly. That's a lot of storage rental. With so many people renting storage, there's lots of questions about it. In this article, we have listed frequently asked questions and provided answers to ensure you make the right self-storage decision for your personal or business needs. 

What is Self Storage?

Self-storage is a rental space used to store your personal belongings or overstock business inventory. It allows for your items to be stored securely and at an off-site location. Depending on the size you choose, you'll access via a standard door, garage door, or both. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your unit.

How Much Does Self-Storage Cost?

The cost of self-storage will vary depending on a variety of things. Unit size, location, and other amenities will impact that cost. If you are in the Middletown, NY area, check out All Seasons Self Storage's website for unit pricing.

Do I Need Insurance For My Stored Items?

Storage companies, like All Seasons Self Storage, invest in a variety of security features to protect your belongings. However, it's never a bad idea to make sure your items are covered by insurance as well. 

Can I Really Access My Unit 24/7?

Yes, at All Seasons Self Storage in Middletown, NY, we understand that not everyone operates on an 8-5 schedule. That's why we offer 24/7 accessibility. Be sure to check with your local storage facility in regards to their accessibility before renting storage if you anticipate the need to access your items during late or early morning hours.

Do I Need My Own Lock?

In most cases, storage facilities will offer a wide variety of moving and storing products which include locks. However, you can always purchase your own too as most places will not require you to purchase theirs.

Are There Any Items I Can't Store In My Unit?

Most facilities will not allow for illegal substances or flammable materials. If you have specific needs for your inventory of overstock items, call your local storage facility to see if they can accommodate your needs to ensure the sustainability of your products or personal belongings.

What Are The Most Common Items To Store?

You can store just about anything that is within your storage facilities policy. Anything from furniture to boxes, to vehicles, business inventory, appliances, and much more.

What Should I Look For In A Storage Facility?

Facilities that have multiple security measures in place with cameras, bright lighting, and access gates will provide you peace of mind that you can trust. Be sure to check out their reviews too and see what other customers are saying.

We hope this has helped answer your storage questions. If you have specific requirements, reach out to your local storage facility and see how they can help. If you are in the Middletown, NY area, give All Seasons Self Storage a call today to rent the cleanest storage units in town!

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